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The most advanced equipment to support progress in respiratory diagnosis and treatment.


BF-H190 Bronchovideoscope
CV-190 Video System Center
OEV321UH LCD Monitor
WM-NP3 Mobile Workstation
CLV-190 Xenon Light Source
ESG-300 Electrosurgical Generator


4K Camera Head
5mm Endoeye Rigid Videoscope
10mm Endoeye Rigid Videoscope
CLV-S200-IR Xenon Light Source
CLV-S400 Xenon Light Source
Endoeye 3D 10mm
ESG-400 Electrosurgical Generator
Hand Instruments
OEV321UH LCD Monitor
OTV-S200 Video System Center
OTV-S300 Video System Center
HD 3CMOS Autoclavable Camera Head
HD Autoclavable Camera Head
HD Laparoscopes
IR Telescopes
LMD-X550S-X310S Sony LCD Monitors
LTF-190-10-3D Endoeye Flex Deflectable Videoscope
LTF-S190-5 Endoeye Flex Deflectable Videoscope
LTF-S190-10 Endoeye Flex Deflectable Videoscope
Ultra Telescopes
USG-400 Ultrasonic Generator
WM-NP3 Mobile Workstation
OTV-S400 Camera Control Unit
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